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Range Rover Sport II - (CA000 - DA999 in chass No) - Facelift Dedicated Electrics Kit

Product Information

Why use a dedicated electrics kit?

Dedicated electrics are made specifically to work in conjunction with your vehicles electrics, some of the advantages are that this type of system informs your vehicle with features such as automatic fog light and parking sensor cut-out. A bypass relay is included in the kit where required. All dedicated electrics are supplied as full working kits with no need to purchase extra relays or wiring.

Why hide the trailer? Out of the thousands of cars on UK roads with towbars fitted, a high percentage are likely to have fitted towing electrics which are ‘hidden’ from the car. This electrical installation is commonly called ‘By-pass electrics’. This means, in fact your car has no idea that it is towing.

Let me talk to the caravan In today’s world of advanced automotive electrical technology, this is not only inefficient but can prove to be potentially disastrous! Since the early 2000’s, automotive technology moved rapidly forward in introducing network systems in vehicles which allowed the detection of a trailer. In many cases, not only did the manufacturer design the vehicle to detect the trailer, but created enhanced features within the network, which actually makes it vitally important for the trailer to be ‘seen’ and not ‘hidden’ from the towing vehicle. These include some important safety and stability features, along with convenience items such as automatic fog light cut-off and parking sensor deactivation. Here are some of the related towing systems in a vehicle you may have, which ‘NEED TO SEE’ the trailer when it is plugged in:

  • Brake electronics
  • Suspension system (ASS)
  • Engine electronics
  • Engine cooling system
  • Cruise control
  • Parking aids



Product may vary from image

Product Details

  • Vehicle Years: 09/2011 > 07/2013
  • Code: 29190512
  • Pins: 13 Pin
  • Vehicle recoding: Yes

£98.21 Inc VAT

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