Do I need A Universal Bypass Relay?

7 Way Universal Bypass Relay inc Buzzer

You may require a 7 way bypass relay if your vehicle has a bulb failure systems or multipex/cambus wiring
(our relays are supplied with in-line fuse & holder and all neccessary wiring)

If you purchase the 7 way relay and you vehicle does not require it, return it to us unopened and we will give you a full refund for the item


This 7 way bypass relay may be used on negative earth vehicles of all types, from those that just require a simple bypass function for circuit protection or to avoid confusing the bulb failure warning systems, to those with part or full multiplexed systems and including modulated outputs(appearing as low voltages) to the various rear lamp clusters.

Each circuit samples only a very small current from the source circuit of the vehicle (typically around 1ma) so as to avoid detection by the vehicles bulb failure sensing system, and then boosts this to supply current to the duplicate circuit of the trailer or caravan. Additionally, it is capable of detecting, analysing and rerouting modulated signals present on an increasing number of modern vehicles which would otherwise cause incorrect bulb operation, relay chatter, dimming and even non functioning of bulbs if a standard bypass relay were fitted.

Main Features

  • 7 way bypass relay with 7 terminal outputs arranged in 12N sequence including reverse.
  • Automatic sensing & routing according to signal type so that the correct trailer lights always operate as intended and at full voltage without relay chatter.
  • Ability to sense both signals where a common wire is used on the vehicle to supply two circuits and to apply one or both to the towed vehicle as required.
  • Integrated buzzer output which automatically mutes when both flashers operate together i.e. hazard warning and emergency braking.

All circuits fully snubbed for EMC protection.